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    Adhering to decades of die & mold research and design experience of Yantai Mechanical Technology Research Institution, our company has internationally advanced die & mold design and development software, and realizes the integration of CAD/CAM/CAE to fully achieve three-dimension design and no-drawings processing. There are more than 40 engineering technicians including over 20 high and middle class technicians in Taili, casting outstanding quality of Taili Tooling.

    By virtue of strong technical strength and innovation ability, our company participated in Chinese independently developed frame system of Red Flag Parade car on 60th National Day Anniversary for President Hu Jintao, took part in the development and manufacture of body welding parts for leading car (Warrior Off-road Vehicle) in military parade, and involved in the development and manufacture of exhaust nozzle of helicopter in military parade, winning great honors to our company.

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